Bright Futures

Bright Futures

Training the Next Generation of Dental Assistants and Hygienists

Think, for a moment, about the future of your dental practice. What will your team look like in 10 years? Will you have a full staff of highly-skilled dental hygienists and assistants?

As the demand for dental professionals grows, you can help fill the talent pipeline and help students fulfill their dreams of working the dental field!

Take a Bite Out of Dental Education Costs 

NWTC has produced nearly 1,700 dental hygienists and assistants for the oral health field. Our students gain knowledge and skills in digital technology and hands-on, clinical experience.

Working toward a Dental Assistant diploma or Dental Hygienist degree is no easy feat. Expectations are incredibly high. Many students juggle class, study time, work, and families at home.

And then there’s the cost of tuition.

As the most expensive program NWTC offers, a student will pay approximately $16,300 during their two years of study. Additionally, $1,500 is required for board exams. The demand for scholarships to offset this cost outweighs the supply of scholarships available. Approximately 70 percent of hygiene and assistant students do NOT receive scholarships due to lack of funding.

Please consider supporting student scholarships.

Make a Student Smile

When you contribute to student scholarships, you:

  • Assist aspiring dental hygienists and assistants with their education costs as they pursue careers in the dental field.

  • Show how you value the next generation of dental professionals.

  • Recognize that an NWTC education will help create more healthy smiles in our community.

  • And a the same time, secure the future of your practice with a workforce of highly trained professional auxiliaries.