Student Emergency Fund

A financial emergency for the neediest of students can be the beginning of the end of their college experience. The goal of the Student Emergency Fund is to decrease the number of students who leave college due to an unforeseen financial barrier. 

NWTC has a process in place for distributing funds for short-term emergencies, such as a car repair, childcare, temporary housing assistance after a house fire, or an unexpected medical procedure. The hand-outs provided by the Student Emergency Fund are actually hand ups, as they put into action connecting students to external and internal resources.

The program served over 629 students since its inception in 2010. Many factors are considered when assessing a student’s need, including academic performance, credit load, employment status, enrollment status, family size, and financial aid award. The median award per student is around $400.

Student success is our mission and our
passion and we could not do it without YOU.​