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Get the training you need to work as an alcoholic beverage server, seller, and/or handler.

Working in the food and beverage industry can be a great way to earn a living while enjoying a fun, fast-paced, social experience. But along with those perks comes hard work and the responsibility of serving and handling alcohol.

This seminar was developed in cooperation with the Department of Revenue and the Tavern League of Wisconsin with financial support of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association and endorsement by the Tavern Hosts of Wisconsin. Participants will be provided:

  • Current information about state and local laws
  • Skills in dealing with intoxicated patrons
  • Information to identify factors and behaviors or unsafe drinking
  • Intervention process skills
  • Sale of tobacco products
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NWTC’s Responsible Beverage Server class meets the requirements of Chapter 125.17(6) of the Wisconsin Statutes requiring applicants for A, B, or C licenses to have completed this beverage server course. Wisconsin Act 259 requires applicants for retail alcohol beverage licenses/permits to complete a mandated responsible beverage server training course as a condition of licensing.

Responsible Beverage Server also meets the training requirements for the sale of tobacco products according to Wisconsin State Statute 134.66