Training Grant Opportunities

NWTC works together with businesses and organizations operating in Northeast Wisconsin to secure funding for training via grants. Training grants are available for small and large businesses and are designed to develop the skills of new or existing employees.  

Our Corporate Training and Economic Development (CTED) Department will assist you in creating a comprehensive training plan with your organization’s needs in mind. Training grants are focused on improving occupational skills. In addition to specific job-related skills such as welding, maintenance, CNC machining, and customer relations, funding can cover general topics.

What general topics can be covered by training grants?

  • Lean  
  • Leadership development  
  • Team building  
  • Quality improvement  
  • Strategic planning  
  • Training within industry  
  • Advanced marketing and sales  
  • Electro-mechanical  
  • Blueprint reading  
  • Troubleshooting  
  • Computer software  
  • And many more 

Types of Training Grants

Workforce Advancement Training Grant (WAT Grant)

The Wisconsin Technical College System awards grant funding to Wisconsin businesses each year. These grants aim to promote the development of incumbent workers, improve businesses’ productivity and competitiveness, augment the state’s economic base, support career pathways, and expand technical college training. 

Wisconsin Fast Forward Grant (WFF)

The WFF program awards funds to businesses from all Wisconsin industry sectors that reimburse the costs of customized occupational training for unemployed, underemployed, and incumbent workers. The customized, business-driven training will qualify workers for full-time employment, higher-level employment, or increased wages. 

Interested in learning more about grant funded training?

Call 920-498-6373 or send an email with the subject of "Training Grant" to 

Please include the following in the body of the email:

  • Name of your company 
  • Main contact’s name, email, and phone number 
  • Type of business (manufacturer, health, customer service, etc.) 
  • Number of employees or annual revenue amount (required to determine the category of training grant - small or large business) 
  • What are your primary training needs/challenge? 
  • How can this training improve your business?