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Are you in a homeless or transitional housing situation? Facing eviction? We may be able to help! The Housing Assistance Program, a NWTC partnership with Family Services, is dedicated to assisting students experiencing (or at risk) of homelessness, who are in transitional living situations, or are seeking safe, stable, and affordable housing options. We can help you stay in school, because NWTC is a Safe-to-Study place!

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Its all connected - shelter, family, job, school, food

To focus on learning, you need food and housing. To support your family, you need a good job. And to get a good job, you need a good education

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Family Services - Housing Services

Safe-to-Study is a housing/homelessness support program in partnership with Family Services and is made possible by a grant from Basic Needs Giving Partnership of the Greater Green Bay Foundation, which includes the U.S. Venture fund for Basic Needs, the J.J. Keller Foundation and donors of the Community Foundation.