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eSports Zone

NWTC Eagle eSports Zone Updates

We want to thank everyone for their excitement and participation in making the launch of the esports zone a success. To make sure everyone is informed of our current activity we will be creating a quarterly update on current activities.

League of Legends

Tournament Schedule Coming Soon

Interested in competitive League of Legends gaming? Want to sharpen your gaming skills? Thinking about a future in the esports industry as a player or professional?

Check back with us, our next tournament is coming soon. 

Zone eligible games

In order to create a welcoming environment for everyone on campus, NWTC leadership is currently evaluating the merit of military style shooter games in the esports zone. Until such time, only the following games are eligible to be played:

League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Hearthstone, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Pubg, Fifa (current), Dota 2, Starcraft

Male student playing computer game on the computer in eSports Zone.
Wisconsin High School Esports Association graphic

Future Tournaments

NWTC is working in collaboration with Mike Dahle, President of the Wisconsin High School Esports Association, on creating a High School Invitational tournament. We will be working directly with local districts, including those that don't have an esports league, to identify students who may want to participate. 

We are also developing a schedule for more community access tournaments. Please stay tuned as we create a schedule for upcoming events.

Email us to be notified of future tournament dates. 

Hardware Updates

We just completed installing new gaming keyboards, mice, and 144hz gaming monitors. Our players are requesting to play more sophisticated and graphics intensive games so we will be replacing the computers with higher-end machines by December.

Male student working on computer hardware.


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