Phi Theta Kappa Enhanced Membership

Phi Theta Kappa - Beta Nu Theta Chapter  

To achieve Enhanced Membership status in Beta Nu Theta, a member must participate in a minimum of thirty (30) hours of service during the current academic year. This includes at least ten (10) hours of Phi Theta Kappa-related activities and twenty (20) hours of service outside of Phi Theta Kappa.

Phi Theta Kappa activities relating to Beta Nu Theta can include:

- Meetings
- Seminars
- Fundraising
- Beta Nu Theta service projects, activities, and events
- Five hour maximum per activity

Non-Phi Theta Kappa services include:

- Volunteer activities
- Activities done on an individual’s own time

When Enhanced Membership status is attained:

The status will be noted on the student’s NWTC transcript
The Beta Nu Theta advisors will present a letter of recommendation
A certificate will be awarded at the next NWTC Awards Banquet

Please complete the Enhanced Membership Form and submit to the Student Involvement Office, SC118 on the Green Bay Campus.
For any questions please email