Student Service Learning Resources

Welcome Students!

The Service-Learning Office has been connecting students with the community since 2005. Students participate in civic engagement activities for a variety of reasons, such as service-learning experiences, club or student organization related service, as a way to meet or bond with friends and peers, or just for fun. Community engagement in college provides students with valuable lessons in citizenship, and the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Through service-learning, students meet real needs in the community while developing important personal and professional skills.

Student Programs

Student programs include service-learning,  community service work study opportunities, NWTC Service Days,and non-profit internships offered through Wisconsin Tech Connect.


Service-learning projects are integrated directly into general education and program related courses at the discretion of faculty. Contact us to inquire which programs, courses, and faculty actively offer service-learning opportunities.

NWTC Service Days

NWTC Service Days are short-term service projects that are a great fit for students who may not have a lot of time to spare but want to serve, for students who want to try several different projects to see what they like best, students looking to meet peers with similar interest, and for students meeting service-learning requirements.

Community Service Federal Work Study Opportunities

 *Listing Coming Soon*

Non-Profit Internships

NWTC students can find and apply for local non-profit internship opportunities directly through Wisconsin Tech Connect.

Student Resources