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District Board develops one-year plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion policy discussions

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Photos of the NWTC District Board members
Photos of the NWTC District Board members

The nine member NWTC District Board has exclusive control over the policy making operations that govern the District. The Board is responsible for developing policies in accordance with the educational needs of the people to be served by the District, furnishing the financial resources by which the educational programs are run, and performing other responsibilities as prescribed by state statutes.  

In the summer of 2020, Dr. Jeff Rafn, NWTC president, worked with the District Board to develop a one-year plan for policy discussions centered on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Based on the College’s 2023 Strategic Directions, topics include student success, faculty/staff, and community relations initiatives.   

At monthly district board meetings, NWTC leaders, faculty, and staff present one of the selected topics. The presentation is followed by a board policy discussion with the goals of ensuring NWTC policies are mission-focused and ensuring the College achieves its strategic goals while continuing to meet the workforce needs of the region.   

NWTC District Board members are appointed by the county board chairs from NWTC’s service district. District Board members include Chair David Mayer, Vice Chair Cathy Dworak, Secretary Gerald Worrick, Treasurer Richard Stadelman, Carla Hedtke, Jeff Rickaby, Dorothy Sadowski, Kim Schanock, and Ben Villarruel.