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NWTC and UW-Green Bay spotlight the student impact of collaboration and expand transfer opportunities for the region
NWTC and UW-Green Bay spotlight the student impact of collaboration and expand transfer opportunities for the region

NWTC transfer student and UW-Green Bay graduate Adan Cordova ’24 shared his experience with those in attendance during a discussion surrounding expansion of transfer opportunities between NWTC and UW-Green Bay. “I pushed myself and never lost hope in my ambition,” said Cordova. “I moved toward my objective, earning degree credits while exploring programs to study at NWTC and ultimately transferring to UW-Green Bay.”

In today’s dynamic educational landscape, transfer pathways from technical college to university unlock opportunities for students to achieve their full potential. Expanding on their partnership, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) and UW-Green Bay announced today that students from NWTC will now be guaranteed admission into UW-Green Bay within the Human Biology, Marketing, and Psychology programs, which have been the most preferred pathways for transfer students.

The two institutions of higher education signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Monday, June 3, 2024, at the STEM Innovation Center on the UW-Green Bay Campus. Cordova was part of the discussion, sharing his experience as a transfer student who began at NWTC and then transferred to UW-Green Bay. He continued to pursue his dream to work in the medical field through the Human Biology program and graduated from UW-Green Bay in spring of 2024.

The expansion of the current transfer opportunities will allow students in the region to begin their steps towards earning a bachelor’s degree at NWTC, by completing their Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree with a focus on the foundational general studies or other related associate degree programs. Students can then transfer to UW-Green Bay as a junior status student and be directly admitted to the university to continue their path to degree.

“The expanded partnership with UW-Green Bay, reaffirms our shared commitment to the success of our students and community,” said NWTC President, Kristen Raney. “By bridging the gap between technical education and university pathways, we are not just developing talent, but laying a foundation of social mobility within our region and beyond. On behalf of NWTC, we look forward to continuing this work with UW-Green Bay and to building a thriving future together.”

UW-Green Bay and NWTC have long held to the notion that despite coming from two different systems (Universities of Wisconsin and Technical College System), they should partner in higher education pathways. “The expansion of the partnership between UW-Green Bay and NWTC benefits everyone in the region,” said Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management Jennifer Jones. “This progress honors the great education that is happening at the technical colleges in our region and breaks down barriers for students who want to continue their education at UW-Green Bay. It provides access and opportunity for more students to expand their education beyond high school.”

Saving students thousands in tuition costs and providing guaranteed transfer as a junior status, the expanded transfer program will provide affordable and accessible pathways to obtain a bachelor’s degree. About 50% of NWTC transfer students choose to attend UW-Green Bay. Over the past six years, more than 1,000 UW-Green Bay graduates started at NWTC. Among those students, the primary area of study for those transfer pathways are business administration, psychology, nursing, human biology, and education.

This collaborative partnership between NWTC and UW-Green Bay provides a clear pathway for students to envision themselves continuing to pursue their academic goals through transfer programs. Both NWTC and UW-Green Bay have additional information regarding transfer opportunities on their web sites.

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Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and UW-Green Bay work to expand transfer opportunities for students


NWTC and UW-Green Bay enhance partnership, guarantee transfers in key programs

Expanding Horizons

Expanding Horizons

NWTC and UW-Green Bay spotlight the student impact of collaboration and expand transfer opportunities for the region

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