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NWTC and N.E.W. School of Innovation establish long-term partnership
NWTC and N.E.W. School of Innovation establish long-term partnership

Green Bay Area Public School District’s N.E.W. School of Innovation and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College are excited to sign a new agreement to establish a long-term partnership committed to student success. 

This collaboration provides N.E.W. School of Innovation students a unique opportunity to engage in competency-based education while exploring career options from NWTC faculty.

"The Green Bay Area Public School District is truly grateful to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College for its partnership in supporting students who are finding success through a non-traditional educational experience," stated Interim Superintendent of Schools and Learning Vicki Bayer. "All students are deserving of having a pathway that enables them to find success in reaching their post secondary goals. The partnership with NWTC has enabled us to fulfill our vision for N.E.W."

Serving as a public charter school for grades 7 through 12, N.E.W. School of Innovation first launched in 2018 and relocated to the NWTC Green Bay campus in fall 2022. Since the launch, enrollments have increased 60% and are now on a waitlist for new students.

With the success of this partnership, N.E.W. School of Innovation will continue to be housed at NWTC through at least 2028.

“Our partnership with N.E.W School of Innovation and the Green Bay Area Public Schools is rooted in the belief that all students will be successful when given the right opportunities,” said NWTC President Jeff Rafn. “As we continue to reimagine how to best serve our students and provide pathways to family sustaining careers, it is essential that we carry on our work together.”

In addition, the new agreement provides expanded offerings for students to enhance their college and career readiness. This includes dedicated NWTC staff members to guide in areas of college transition, career exploration, professional development, and more.  

The positive impact of a college experience 

Grades 10 through 12 can participate in dual credit courses and early career exploration to help envision their career path after graduation. Nearly 150 students have taken dual credit within the last two years, and several students have completed a technical diploma before high school graduation. 

“The benefits of dual credit opportunities are unparalleled; potentially saving students thousands in future college tuition costs, providing opportunities to explore different career pathways, and much more,” said NWTC Vice President of Student Services Jennifer Flatt.

Since the relocation to NWTC, the number of students who applied to NWTC following graduation grew from three to 31. All those students have taken at least one dual credit course or more. 

Students in grades 7 through 9 also have opportunities to explore career pathways through hands-on activities throughout the school year. 

“Being part of the college experience has a positive impact on their academic success. Exposure to the campus, culture, and resources ensures students gain the knowledge and confidence to reach their career goals. Partnerships like this are helping provide that clear pathway to achieve those next steps in their academic journey,” said Flatt. 

Personalized learning that drives student success

N.E.W. uses personalized learning plans to meet the students’ needs academically, socially, and emotionally.

“By meeting all students individually where they are, we can guide them to where they need to be and help them get to where they want to go,” said Principal of N.E.W. School of Innovation, Jason Johnson. 

In addition to the program for grades 7 through 12, N.E.W. School of Innovation also offers The Academy. This is a track available to seniors of GBAPS to meet their graduation requirements through an alternative pathway. The Academy provides personalized learning plans for each student based on their transcripts.

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