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NWTC Signs Articulation Agreement with College of Menominee Nation

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NWTC partners with College of Menominee Nation to provide seamless two-year transfer program
NWTC partners with College of Menominee Nation to provide seamless two-year transfer program
The College of Menominee Nation (CMN) and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) signed articulation agreement to provide seamless two-year transfer program. The purpose of this agreement is to prepare students to enter a bachelor’s program with a junior status at CMN after receiving the Associate of Arts/Associate of Science degree from NWTC. 

College of Menominee Nation President Chris Caldwell stated, "The development of this agreement is representative of the Menominee approach to partnering with others who have the best interests of the next generations in mind. I commend CMN and NWTC staff for working together to make this happen. This agreement creates opportunities not only for the Menominee People, but also any NWTC student interested in learning from the Menominee approach to education and sustainability. I look forward to our continued partnership with NWTC and for opportunities with the rest of our fellow educational institutions in this region."

"During my 26 years at NWTC, I have watched CMN grow and thrive - consistently demonstrating a dedication to sustainability and innovation," said NWTC President Dr. Jeffrey Rafn. "I am thrilled to see our College and CMN offer new pathways through higher education in Northeast Wisconsin. We are proud to grow together to create seamless transfer opportunities for our students."

NWTC students will be guaranteed admission to CMN as a transfer student with junior status, having all their general education requirements met, if they have fulfilled the following requirements: completed the Declaration of Intent prior to completing 30 credits through NWTC’s Liberal Arts Transfer AA or AS program, completed the credits needed for junior standing and completed the Liberal Arts Transfer AA or AS degree, met with an assigned academic advisor at least once per semester while enrolled, and earned a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and a minimum 2.0 GPA in the term prior to transferring to the Liberal Arts Transfer AA or AS program.

CMN Chief Academic Officer, Geraldine Sanapaw, added, “This partnership with NWTC documents a clear path from their associate programs to our bachelor programs. This partnership makes it easier for students to transfer schools and know that credits will be accepted.”

With this articulation agreement, CMN and NWTC seek to close the attainment gap by expanding and maximizing access to postsecondary education in the NWTC District and better serve residents who already are seeking a transfer degree. It is believed that the partnership between the two colleges will further improve attainment rates within Northeast Wisconsin, resulting in a more educated workforce.
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