Apprentices are Leading the Future for Northeast Wisconsin’s Workforce

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NWTC hosts youth apprenticeship workshops for students
NWTC hosts youth apprenticeship workshops for students

Giving students a first-hand look into the top growing career opportunities within the region, NWTC partners with CESA 7 to host a series of hands-on youth apprenticeship workshops. 

Kicking off the series during National Apprenticeship Week (November 14-20), the College hosted 8th grade students of Gibraltar and Sturgeon Bay schools at its Sturgeon Bay Campus. Here, nearly 70 students participated in hands-on demonstrations within fields like masonry, carpentry, electrical, engineering, and more.     

“This is a great opportunity for students to get exposure to the many different careers available so they can make the best decision for their future. Youth apprenticeships provide students with a work-based learning opportunity, related coursework, and mentorship toward their career goals. We must continue to provide students with these opportunities for career exploration and the long list of benefits such as employability skills before sending them out into the workforce,” said Lauren Baumann, youth apprenticeship school-based coach with Northeast Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship, powered by CESA 7.

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development recently announced that Wisconsin has surpassed 15,000 participants in the Registered Apprenticeship program – which is the highest participation rate in the program in two decades.

NWTC’s apprenticeship program makes up nearly 10% of all registered apprentices throughout the entire state. As of this year, The College has 1,417 active apprentices, and participants have been growing nearly 20% over the last year. 

NWTC currently has 19 apprenticeship programs within architecture, construction, and industrial career fields. With the rising interest and success in apprenticeship programs, the College is currently expanding two additional programs that should be available as early as spring 2023. 

“The interest in apprenticeships is greater now more than ever, as people are realizing this provides a pathway to high-wage careers,” said Christina Jungwirth, apprenticeship coordinator of NWTC. “NWTC has been a leader in apprenticeship offerings and partnerships for Wisconsin, and we are constantly adjusting to the needs of industry. That’s why we are excited to start expanding into other careers areas, like early childhood education, to help strengthen a wider network of skilled workers for years to come.” 

NWTC will be hosting its next youth apprenticeship workshop in spring 2023. 

For more information about the NWTC apprenticeship and programs available, visit or reach out to Christina Jungwirth at

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