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NWTC Celebrates Spring Graduates and 110 Years in the Community

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A time of celebration as NWTC honors spring graduates and reflects on 110 years within the community
A time of celebration as NWTC honors spring graduates and reflects on 110 years within the community
Northeast Wisconsin Technician College is celebrating nearly 2,000 students this week as they complete their programs for the spring 2022 semester. 

These graduating students are expected to have completed their studies between January 1 and May 17, 2022. Some of the facts about this class include: 
  • 1,994 students (from all three campuses and five regional centers) are candidates for graduation.
  • 858 will receive degrees with honors or high honors. 
  • 130 are graduating as Phi Theta Kappa members, which is a National Honor Society of two-year colleges. 
  • 10 are international students. 
  • 74 are veterans of our United States Armed Forces. 

“I continue to be inspired by the dedication and talent of our students,” said Dr. Jeff Rafn, NWTC president. “It is a rewarding moment to watch our graduates thrive in a career with passion and make a difference in the community with their expertise. I am excited for our graduates and their families in this time of celebration.” 

This year also marks the College’s 110th anniversary when it was established in 1912. At that time, Wisconsin educators introduced City Vocational Schools in Green Bay and Marinette where students studied in areas like machine shop, woodworking, sewing, and bookkeeping. Today, NWTC has served more than 2 million students. The nationally recognized College offers training in over 200 career fields and has expanded locations to three campuses, five regional centers and several specialty centers throughout a nine-county district. 

“Looking back even over the recent years, our community has grown immensely in innovation, diversity, and emerging careers. These changes have created its own set of opportunities in which we have evolved our delivery and approach to higher education. While there have been many changes throughout the course of our college’s long history, our commitment to student success has always remained the same,” said Rafn.

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