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NWTC Awarded Patent to Advance Manufacturing Skills

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Mobile Modular training system
Mobile Modular training system

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College has been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office for Mobile Modular Training Systems innovative training equipment and curriculum to train advanced manufacturing skills. 
NWTC is the first technical college in Wisconsin and one of a handful of two-year colleges across the country to have a patent.

Mobile Modular Training Systems were developed by NWTC Electromechanical Instructors, Joseph Barker, Edward Kralovec, Troy Giese, and Jacob Morois.
The primary goal of the invention is to better prepare students for entering the workforce.
“Receiving this patent is extremely exciting,” Mobile Modular Lead Engineer Jacob Morois said. “The team’s innovative approach has created world-class classroom and lab experiences for  students – better preparing them for success in their careers.”
Electromechanical Instructor Ed Kralovec added, “One of the key aspects of this system is that it was created by the instructors using the feedback from students to maximize the learning that takes place with each trainer.”
Training units are designed to not only be used in the classroom, but also in industry. The units can be easily moved room-to-room instantly transforming any space into a state-of-the-art training space.
“We believe this system truly revolutionizes the way we can deliver instruction in areas of Advanced Manufacturing skills,” Morois said.
The modular components can easily and quickly be connected to expand skills training without requiring dedicated space and added facility expense.
The patent (10,629,094) covers the modular training system, assembly and method of using the trainer.
“I am extremely proud of all the work that went into creating Mobile Modular Training Systems and getting this patent,” NWTC President Dr. Jeff Rafn said. “Our instructors’ focus on improving student learning continues to make the College stand out, and we are committed to ensuring this technology is used to benefit our community.”
For more information Mobile Modular Training Systems, go to Mobile Modular Training Systems 

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