Returning Adult Finds Resources at NWTC

Christopher Morse

Christopher Morse

2017 Leadership Development student, Veteran

I chose NWTC because friends who were employed in various job fields told me it was a great school to go to, and even if I wanted to continue on, it would be a great school to start out at.

I chose my program because I wanted to learn from people who were already in this field. I wanted something more specialized than just business management. I wanted to learn the necessary skills to lead people to accomplish great things.

My experience at NWTC has been a really amazing one. I started my first year focusing on my schoolwork and making sure I could handle the rigors of college life. My second year I became very involved in campus life, starting as a Student Ambassador and making my way to the position of Wisconsin Student Government President. I have been able to do so many things I never would have imagined and all because I started here. I have made friends and established networks all over the state. I love the people who work at NWTC. They don’t just work for the college, they work for my success!

This is a great college to start at. If you are at all concerned with how to pay for things or how to manage your time here, don’t be. The staff do not set you up to fail. I owe my success to outstanding men and women who are here to make you successful and to help your dreams of higher education come true. Check out NWTC, and you will quickly find out how important you are to them, and that their success is your success.

This college is great for returning adults, they have so many different ways to take classes -  in the morning, at night, online, on the weekend. They constantly want you to succeed, and the teachers understand that a lot of us aren’t the traditional type of student. If you are concerned about being able to adapt to college life, the library has so many resources, including math labs, writing labs, science labs, and so many other arenas to make your time here successful. I am not sure if there is any obstacle that made it difficult to come here. They want you to succeed, and when it came to finding what I wanted to do here, they had so many resources and advisors to help me figure out exactly what was right for me.


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