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High School Distance Learning

Distance Learning Through Start College Now

Distance Learning courses allow students and instructors to see and hear each other in real time using our inter-active web-conferencing.  Students will connect with NWTC instructors and other high schools around the state from their high school classrooms, during the regular school day. 

Who Is Eligible For Start College Now?

A student who has completed 10th grade; is in good academic standing as determined by the high school; does not have a record of disciplinary problems; and does not meet the statutory definition of a "child-at-risk" may participate in the Start College Now program.

How Do I Start?

Application forms are available from your high school's counseling office or from NWTC. 

  • You will meet with your high school counselor to discuss how Start College Now Distance Learning classes will fit into your high school schedule.
  • You must obtain your parent's or guardian's signature on the application.
  • With the assistance of your high school counselor, you will make course selection(s) and submit those choices to your school board.
  • The signed forms with approved classes listed MUST be submitted to NWTC by May 15 for the fall semester or November 15 for the spring semester.
  • Summer session courses are typically not eligible for the Start College Now Program. 

Course Delivery

NWTC uses Teams web-conferencing to broadcast our Distance Learning courses.  Students can access their courses simply by clicking a link. Teams allows high schools to use their distance learning classrooms or have students connect on their own devices.

Course Schedules & Registration Materials

Fall 2024 Online Enrollment Form Spring 2025 Online Enrollment Form

For more information on NWTC Distance Learning courses, please contact