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8 Week Advantage

8 Week Advantage = Your College Advantage

It's All About Student Success

At NWTC, we believe you can soar higher. Welcome to the 8-Week Advantage: changing our classes from 15 to eight weeks.

Studies show with 8-week classes, you’re more likely to succeed! It’s possible to:

  • Develop connections with your instructors and fellow students more quickly because you're spending more time together in a shorter time frame.
  • Graduate sooner since you can complete more credits each semester!

How Does 8-Week Advantage Work?

  • Courses in most NWTC programs will be offered in 8-week sessions. That means you will complete a class in eight weeks rather than the traditional 15 weeks.
  • Each academic year will include a total of five 8-week sessions: two 8-week sessions in fall; two 8-week sessions in spring; and one 8-week session in summer.
  • ​For your success, students will be limited to 11 credits per 8-week session (or 22 credits per semester).

Frequently Asked Questions

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How will 8-week classes impact Veterans’ Education Benefits?

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