8 Week Advantage

8-Week Advantage

Focus on fewer classes at one time – to lighten your load and increase your success! 

8-Week Advantage is all about your success!

Just think: Wouldn't you rather take an eight-week class than the traditional 15-week class? With 8-Week Advantage you can!

And shorter classes are not the only benefit. With 8-Week Advantage, you're more likely to:
  • Pass your courses and keep going until graduation.
  • Develop connections with your instructors and fellow students more quickly because you’re spending more time together in a shorter time frame. 
  • Graduate sooner since you can complete more credits each semester!

What is 8-Week Advantage?

8-Week Advantage is a new schedule designed with your success in mind. With 8-Week Advantage...

  • Courses in most NWTC programs will be offered in eight-week sessions. That means you will complete a class in eight weeks rather than the traditional 15 weeks. 

  • Each academic year will include a total of five 8-week sessions: two 8-week sessions in fall; two 8-week sessions in spring; and one 8-week session in summer. 

​The 8-Week Advantage will enable many students to complete their programs of study faster, and you may be tempted to take nearly as many credits per session as you would have in an entire semester. For your success, students will be limited to 11 credits per 8-Week Session (or 22 credits per semester).

Questions about 8-Week Advantage

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