8 Week Classes

8 Week Advantage = Your College Advantage

We are changing to a new academic calendar, offering more class sessions (each just eight weeks long!), so you can:

NWTC student in 8-week program

Graduate sooner

Each semester offers (or will soon offer*) two eight-week class sessions, allowing you to earn more credits than you would in a typical semester.

Summer also offers eight-week classes – another opportunity to earn credits toward graduation!


8-week advantage participant

Balance college and life

You’ll focus on only a few eight-week courses at one time, enabling you to more easily balance college with work, family, and friends.


student enrolled in 8-week classes

Jump in mid-semester or in summer!

New classes begin about every eight weeks (in August, October, January, March, and June), so you have many opportunities to start (or restart) your college journey.

I absolutely LOVED my first 8-week session! I can't wait until next semester because I can now take four classes total for fall semester, while working full-time, and not be overwhelmed.  

Being able to focus on two classes at once enables me to be more successful each half of the semester, but I am still able to take four total classes for the semester. Resulting in more progression towards the completion of my degree. Thank you for creating this new session!

Brittney, Human Resources student 

Frequently Asked Questions

It's All About Student Success

At NWTC, we believe you can soar higher. Welcome to the 8-Week Advantage: changing our classes from 15 to eight weeks.

Studies show with 8-week classes, you’re more likely to succeed! It’s possible to:

  • Develop connections with your instructors and fellow students more quickly because you're spending more time together in a shorter time frame.
  • Graduate sooner since you can complete more credits each semester!


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