A Stone of Hope Photography Exhibit

Monday March 2, 2020

Green Bay Campus Commons

Diversity Week Graphic

A Stone of Hope: Black Experiences in the Fox Cities is an exhibit about local Black history from the 1700s to the present.

Before 1900, the Fox Cities were home to a growing Black population of Civil War veterans, small business owners and community leaders. Losing hope, most Blacks left the area by 1920 due to increasing harassment from police, racial exclusion at hotels, racial covenants barring home ownership and minstrelsy advertising and entertainment. 

The exhibit also addresses Appleton’s past sundown custom and racial exclusion from 1915 to 1961, and how the Fox Cities emerged from this mountain of despair during the Civil Rights Era.

On Display in the NWTC Commons through March 13, 2020.

March 2 - March 13, 2020  |  Commons
A Stone of Hope Photography Exhibit

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