Executive Development Series: Critical Thinking

Wednesday November 1, 2017

NWTC Corporate Conference Center

7:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Top level positions can offer unique challenges that may be difficult for others to understand or help resolve. Conversations with the C-Suite is a series of interactive briefings for top executives and functional leaders who are accountable for enterprise performance. Join your peers in increasing your leadership skills and results. 

You will leave each session with one to three ideas you can immediately apply within your organization along with some new ways of looking at your challenges. Our moderated briefings will provide a safe venue for discussing practical approaches to the unique challenges of executive leadership. 

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Executive Development Series: Critical Thinking

Does your leadership team know how to fight fair? When conflict occurs do your executives work through issues or work over and around people? How does your team apply critical thinking to resolve business issues?
Conflict is part of any interaction between people. Conflict is where there is more than one interpretation of a single set of circumstances. The different perspectives arise from biases introduced by the different experiences, backgrounds, upbringings and capabilities of individuals. We all view things from a unique perspective. The role of critical thinking in business is to reduce bias and make better business decisions. You will learn the ground rules for managing conflict and conduct a critical discussion of business issues. We will go through how executives can have difficult conversations using a critical approach that honors the individuals without discounting the issues.  

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