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Turning Ideas Into Products

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Nicholas Lemke, Electro-Mechanical Technology

Nicholas Lemke

Electro-Mechanical Technology

"I love being involved in the process of building machinery; to be able to take an idea and produce a functional product."

Nicholas Lemke, a project designer at Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC), shares how his NWTC education led to his current career. 

Why did you choose the Electro-Mechanical Technology program/career field? 
I have always been into building and knowing how things work. I felt that this program was my best choice for exploring what I enjoy. 

Why did you choose NWTC for your education?
Close to home, quality education, and I was excited about more hands-on learning than classroom settings. 
What is your role at PCMC?
As a project designer, I am responsible for creating bill of materials for complex machinery, drawing schematics and machine software. Along with those tasks, I also work closely with machine assemblers to ensure the production of the machine designs are correctly executed.

Bonus question: If you had to describe what you do at PCMC to a third grader, what would you say?
I create machinery that makes toilet paper!
What do you enjoy most about your career? (What do you love doing?)
I love being involved in the process of building machinery; to be able to take an idea and produce a functional product. I like to see the physical end product. 

Would you recommend NWTC to others? Why or why not?
Yes, I believe NWTC gives an excellent hands-on education, which prepares graduates to enter a career with the knowledge for success, I think that NWTC is a great way to explore a career path. 

Would you recommend an engineering-related career to others? Why or why not?
Yes, to people who like problem solving and who want to work in an exciting field where constant learning and personal evolution is a must. 

How do you think your work (and/or engineering in general) impacts our communities and beyond?
Engineering solves problems, which can be beneficial to all; helping improve the quality of life for people not only in our area but around the world. I feel what I do here impacts more people than I know.  Whether it’s helping our customers be more successful or helping our customers with developing new products, we impact a lot of people.  

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