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Nursing Student Preps for Program by Taking Courses in High School

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Allen Hoffenbecker, Nursing-Associate Degree grad

Allen Hoffenbecker

Nursing Associate Degree grad

I chose NWTC because of its affordability, flexibility, and ease to obtain my degree. I was able to take my pre-requisite class, Intro to Biochemistry, to get into the nursing program while still in high school. I was fully accepted to the nursing program in my senior year of high school.

I will be graduating at 20 years old and will be able to practice as an RN. If I would have gone to a four-year university, I wouldn't have been able to graduate until at least 22 or 23 years old, and I would be graduating with much more debt. Yes, I could have received my bachelor's degree, but it is much better to get an associate's degree at NWTC and go on for your bachelor's degree while working in your field of interest. With NWTC, I will be graduating with little debt and I was able to very easily balance school with work.

I chose my program, Nursing-Associate Degree because becoming a nurse has been my dream and passion since I was a teenager. Nursing is the best way to care for people and give back to the community. It’s a very demanding career and I enjoy the challenge, but it is also very rewarding. I really enjoy learning about the human body as well and the diseases that can plague it. Learning anatomy, physiology, and the pathophysiology of the human body has been the most interesting part of the program.

My experiences at NWTC have been excellent. The instructors are absolutely amazing, and I have learned so much from them. They really challenged me to push myself, and they want everyone to succeed. The atmosphere of the College is very positive and there is always someone there to help. You are definitely not alone in the fight and challenge that college presents. 

I am currently employed as a certified nursing assistant. I have accepted a job as a registered nurse in the emergency department at a Green Bay hospital. I will be able to start once I pass the NCLEX exam. 

My advice to future NWTC students: College is what you make of it. You may feel like giving up at times, that's the honest truth; but you have to push through and keep your eye on the prize, because the feeling when you finish is very sweet. I have also come out mentally stronger and much more knowledgeable in my field of study. 

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