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An Opportunity to Follow My Dream

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Toyin Afolabi - Respiratory Therapy

Toyin Afolabi

Respiratory Therapy

Toyin Afolabi, an international student from Nigeria, hopes to help others in his home country improve their health with knowledge and skills gained from the NWTC Respiratory Therapy program. Below, Toyin shares his NWTC experience.

Why did you choose the Respiratory Therapy program?
I chose the program because we lack respiratory therapists in my country. Before my sojourn here at NWTC, I have been into nursing field, but I haven't come across a respiratory therapist in my life time. Again, in the cause of helping others to survive, opened my eyes into this new career.

Why did you choose NWTC for your education?
NWTC became my choice because the tuition was affordable, and I will be able to save time since it is a two-year college. From that point I can dream again of wherever I want to go.

What have you enjoyed most as an NWTC student?
I must confess, the state of art facility is amazing. I am loving the infrastructure indeed and it is making a positive impact in my life. Some of the instructors are so fantastic and fabulous.

What has been the biggest challenge for you here at NWTC?
My challenge, hmm… it can be positive or negative; nevertheless, it has been the weather, technology and the system of education (e.g., lecturing method).

What are your plans for the future (after NWTC)?
My plan for the future is to earn my degree before I will go back home. Having done that, I want to implement a health emergency structure that will be readily available for poor people. I want to become the president of my country and give back to NWTC.

How do you plan to use your NWTC education in your future?
First and foremost, my NWTC education has given me the capacity to know what it takes to be an international student in the United States of America. Being a student here has exposed me to the latest technology as well as preparing me to take up the challenges ahead of me. If I can do it here, I can do it anywhere in the world.

Would you recommend NWTC to others? Why or why not?
I will always recommend NWTC to everyone that has contact with me, because my story will not be completed without NWTC. Therefore, it is like a second home.

Anything to add?
I appreciate the inclusiveness of NWTC and the opportunity given to me to follow my dream. Without omission, kudos to men and women who have shown me love and kindness. Thank you all.

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