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Engineering Field is the Right Fit for Automation Grad

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Robert Bauldry - Automation Engineering Technology

Robert Bauldry

Automation Engineering Technology

“If you like designing things, seeing how they work, or solving problems, engineering is the place to be.”

Robert Bauldry, a converting specialist at Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC), talks about his NWTC experience and engineering-related career.

Why did you choose the Automation Engineering Technology program/career field?

When I first heard of the automation program, it was the first time it was offered in the area; and to try something new was very exciting. I chose the automation program because I enjoyed computers and electronics when I was young. This combined both areas and allowed you to create new things.

Why did you choose NWTC for your education?

I chose NWTC because I knew I would get a hands-on education. I would get to use the tools and equipment used in the career field I was going for.

What is your role at PCMC?

My title is converting specialist. My role at PCMC currently is engineering service support. I assist our customers in the field with machines that break down. I can connect to machines around the world from my desk through the internet and help diagnose issues and resolve them.

The previous role I had was to design the machines. I would create the bill of materials, electrical schematics and support the assembly floor while the machines were being built. Essentially following the machine from design until it shipped to a customer’s facility.

Bonus question: If you had to describe what you do at PCMC to a third grader, what would you say?

I help make machines that print the wrappers for candy bars!

What do you enjoy most about your career? (What do you love doing?)

I really enjoy watching the machines run and fixing problems that no one else wants to.

Would you recommend NWTC to others? Why or why not?

I definitely would recommend NWTC to others. I really enjoyed my time there. Working in the lab was a lot of fun. We had classroom time, but the true learning happened in the lab at the training stations. The hands-on experience to me cannot be replicated in a text book. For someone looking for a learning environment close to the career they will be going into, this is the place to go.

Would you recommend an engineering-related career to others? Why or why not?

Yes, if you like designing things, seeing how they work, or solving problems, engineering is the place to be. It is a career where every day can be a learning experience and is always evolving. As technology changes we adapt along with it.

How do you think your work (and/or engineering in general) impacts our communities and beyond?

Flexible packaging is everywhere. If we can design a machine that is safe, efficient and user-friendly, we can make sure people make it home safe, enjoy their job and eliminate waste. This saves companies money and helps keep the cost of products in the store down. 

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