One Thing to Know: How International Students Can Afford College in the U.S.

Choosing a college can be life changing. Can you think of any other decision that has such a huge impact on someone’s future career and quality of life? You have to be super smart about where you go to college and how you’re going to pay for it.

Yup, that’s pressure.

For international students, paying for college in the United States can feel even more stressful. Many might think that obtaining a full-ride scholarship is the only way to afford college in the U.S.

While international students shop around for the biggest scholarship possible, they are missing multiple opportunities to make an American college degree affordable. That’s the one thing Beau James, NWTC’s international student recruitment specialist, wants students to know.

In fact, Beau is about to embark on a two-week journey from Rivendell to Mordor with his friend Sam to throw the ring into the fires of Mount Doom… wait! Wrong adventure tale. Sorry.

Allow me to start over… Beau is about to embark on a two-week journey in Asia to meet with prospective international students and share five keys to making college affordable in the United States.

You know, Beau’s mission may be equally as important as that of Frodo Baggins (and of course his loyal friend, Samwise Gamgee, my favorite Tolkien character), if not more so. After all, Beau will be providing potential NWTC students with the keys to making college affordable. He'll be giving them a glimpse of what is possible: an excellent, affordable college degree that can lead to a rewarding career and a bright future. Sounds befitting of the Shire, don’t you think? 

Learn more about paying for college in the U.S. Read about the five keys to paying for college without a full-pay scholarship. Plus, see where Beau and other NWTC representatives will be in October. Meet with a recruiter and see how college in the U.S. can be affordable.

Did you know?

NWTC welcomes students from over 30 countries every year. Students come from Egypt, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, Ghana, India, and many more countries from around the globe. 
Beau James - Cord,Learning High Impact

About the Expert

Beau James - Cord,Learning High Impact

As the NWTC international recruiter, Beau works with all prospective international students who are thinking about studying in the United States at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. His favorite part of the job is seeing international students participating in and contributing to campus life and the community. He is thrilled when he sees groups of domestic and international students working or hanging out together. When not at work, he spends a great deal of time working to complete his dissertation for his PhD, sneaking away once in a while for a round of golf or some fishing.