5 Ways to Impact Your College Community (and the World)

Whether watching the news or scrolling through your social media feeds, you’ve probably felt stress from seeing the never-ending stream of negative stories and headlines.  

Worse, you may have felt hopeless about the future. In a nation that seems divided and world that seems unsteady, it would be easy to feel helpless about making a positive impact.

That’s why I’m happy to share how you can make a difference at NWTC and beyond. The College offers several ways for students, staff, and faculty to help build an inclusive culture – to embrace, celebrate, and promote the growing racial and ethnic diversity of our college and region.

volunteers accept pledges for the iRespect! campaign     iRespect! volunteer

  1. iRespect – a college-wide movement to cultivate a welcoming and safe environment for all. See how students and staff can get involved.
  2. RISE Student Leadership – a free series for students that focuses on identity and leadership. Participants attend sessions with topics ranging from leadership and diversity to civic engagement and outer/inner convictions. Learn more about RISE Student Leadership
  3. Food for Thought Series – a luncheon series that enables students to feed their bodies and minds with a variety of cultural speakers and presentations. Next up: Infinite Flow Inclusive Dance Company, a professional dance company comprised of talented, differently-abled dancers who are breaking stereotypes. The Food for Thought Series is open to the public – learn more.
  4. A Place at the Table – monthly sessions in which students and staff can have candid, safe, and respectful conversations about serious social topics. Want to get involved in the discussions? Email for more information on when these sessions are held, or check your student planner
  5. More Faculty and Staff Opportunities – year-round, diversity-related programming (ranging from short sessions to full professional development classes) equip NWTC employees with knowledge and strategies to create a respectful and stimulating environment for all. 
All the sessions and programs listed above are made possible by a hard-working group of people at the College who are connected by a common value. Led by Mohammed Bey, NWTC’s director of diversity and inclusion, the Diversity Team has greatly increased the number of offerings in just a few years.  

“Working with a group of passionate and committed individuals has been very rewarding and inspiring to observe,” says Bey. “This team cares deeply about providing our employees with the tools to be successful working with a diverse student body, as well as the success of our students’ experience in and out of the classroom. Student success cannot exist without employee success. We aim to provide a variety of experiences that allow for students and staff to explore diversity and inclusion in many facets. I have an awesome job!”

The College’s commitment to providing an inclusive learning place expands beyond educational programs. NWTC leaders are active in several organizations that aim to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in our communities. Plus, NWTC has hosted the annual Brown County MLK Celebration for nearly 25 years.

NWTC is getting national recognition for its efforts. In 2018, the College was a finalist for the 2018 American Association of Community College’s Excellence Award for Advancing Diversity. Most recently, NWTC received the 2019 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award from Insight into Diversity Magazine. Learn more about the award.

At NWTC, we believe everyone has worth, and we believe everyone can soar higher.

Don’t forget to join the iRespect movement at NWTC!