A Bit Above: My NWTC Story

Remember the last semester of college when the only thing that stood between you and your new career was a piece of paper? I remember it like it was yesterday, because the college I attended did something for me that was above anything a student could ask for.
At the end of my third semester at NWTC, I had signed up for all of my classes except one. This class was particularly special because I realized that it was only offered at the Green Bay Campus and I had been attending the Marinette Campus for all of my classes. At the time, I was terrified because my plate was already full from work and schoolwork. I was taking 18 credits, working 24 hours a week with 3 hours of commuting a week, and trying to maintain my 4.0 grade point average.

Tom VanGaalI remained calm and decided to go and have a discussion with the Dean of the Marinette campus. She told me that she would look into this immediately and see what she could do for me. One week later, I met with Julie Ebben-Matzke, the Associate Dean of Business & Information Technology, and she explained that the class was not offered in Marinette due to lack of students. I was immediately crushed as this was going to add two more hours of commuting to my already full schedule. She then looked at me and with a big smile and said “…But because you have been working so hard and doing such a great job, I am going to make an exception for you and run the class.”
I will never forget that day. I have never heard of ANY school doing something like this for one student. After the semester, the Associate Dean of Business & Information Technology drove an hour each way to come watch me walk across the stage and celebrate with me on the day of graduation. To this day I am still grateful that Northeast Wisconsin Technical College was the school I chose because they truly put student success at the top of their priority list.
Tom VanGaal
Tom VanGaal was an outstanding IT student in the College of Business at NWTC-Marinette. He went on to be an outstanding NWTC graduate and an Associate Programmer in NWTC's Informational and Instructional Technology department!