Building to Honor a Hero

 It was a cold chilly day in October– probably the first cold fall day of season— but the chilly air and wind did not bother a group of Masonry  Apprentices from NWTC. For the past few weeks they had been laying blocks for a concession stand at the Arnie Wolf Sports Complex in Green Bay. 
Arnie Wolf was a Green Bay firefighter who died in the line of duty in 2006, which makes working on this project so much more to the apprentices.  
The idea for the project came from the area soccer club. The complex did not have a concession stand or even bathrooms. There might be a port-a-potty or two trucked in for soccer games, but nothing permanent.

When the group asked if our apprentices could help, no one hesitated. These apprentices know they are doing more than laying blocks or brick, they are helping honor the memory of a man who died to soon.

Our students and apprentices want to give back, they enjoy learning their skill and helping others. They are learning the most important lesson of all to give back.

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Masonry project photos

David Pryes - PTF-Masonry Apprenticeship

About the Expert

David Pryes - PTF-Masonry Apprenticeship

Dave Pryes is a Masonry Instructor at NWTC.