Love for learning found in love for family

Bridget Novak thought about returning to school for several years, but the timing never seemed quite right.

After giving birth to her daughter, Sylvia, she got serious about making a career change. She wanted a more regular schedule that would allow her to spend time with her growing family.

She enrolled as a part-time student in the Design and Graphic Technology associate degree program. Bridget quickly realized her love for learning.

“I didn’t understand just how empowering learning was until I had taken classes at NWTC,” she said.

Bridget’s experience had an impression on her husband, Michael, who decided he too would complete his college education. “I chose NWTC for the convenience and flexibility they allow for working parents, and the many accommodations they fulfill for returning adult students,” he said.

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NWTC graduate Bridget Novak and family
NWTC graduates Michael and Bridget Novak pose with their daughter, Sylvia, after their 2018 graduation ceremony.