One Thing to Know: How to Survive the Holiday (and Exam!) Season

How can you survive final exams and the holiday hubbub?

The answer may surprise you. I recently sat down with NWTC student Katie Cline to talk about managing stress during this not-always-so-jolly season. A Wellness and Health Promotion associate degree student, Katie is learning how to design and implement health programs for individuals and organizations.  

Katie’s top tip: Take time for yourself.
Image of Katie Cline, Wellness and Health Promotion student

“Take time for myself? Not possible,” you may be thinking. “I have two exams to study for, a final project to finish, and both of my nieces have holiday concerts this week! Plus, I’ve having people over this Sunday to watch the Packers game, so my house has to be at least somewhat clean. And did I mention I haven't started holiday shopping yet?!”

If your daily workload has you feeling a bit frazzled, then that’s exactly why you need to start carving out a little time out for yourself. It may seem counterintuitive to take a break when you have so much to do, but a 10-minute power walk, grabbing coffee with a friend, or listening to your favorite song may be exactly what you need to decrease your stress level and stay productive.

Katie recommends taking at least 5 to 10 minutes every day to do something that makes you happy. Doing so helps cut down on the stress that can otherwise build up and negatively affect your mind and body.

So what will you do every day to take a break from the stress?

If you're looking for ideas, check out some upcoming events and resources for students:

More About Katie

As a student in the Wellness and Health Promotion program, Katie enjoys learning skills she can use to help people in her future career, as well as everyday life. "NWTC is helping me to achieve my goals by allowing me to practice real-life simulations in an area that facilitates my learning," Katie said. For example, Katie and a fellow student recently implemented a "Fall into a Healthier You" program for the NWTC Marketing and Recruitment Department.

In her free time, Katie enjoys walking through the woods. "I live in Crivitz on 400 acres of pure natural beauty," Katie said. "There is no cellular reception, so getting the chance to disconnect is easy, and I am able to relax and take in nature's beauty."

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