One Thing to Know: When Life Happens, Help is Available

Are you struggling to balance work and studying? Maybe you’ve run out of cash for groceries and gas. Are you a single parent in need of assistance?

Good news: For current and future NWTC students, there is a “life happens” department (a.k.a., NWTC Student Support Services) designed to help you deal with such circumstances. Staff members will talk to you about what’s going on in your life and connect you with the right resources to keep you on track toward graduation and your dream career.

I recently sat down with one of College’s student support specialists, Gema Garcia, and we talked about all of the services her department provides – student emergency funding, mentoring, financial coaching, minority support… it’s a long list. Check out all of the services here.

Gema Garcia

Gema said students don’t typically think of her department until they are stressed and scrambling for help. She wants current and future NWTC students to know one thing: Learn about available services before you need them.

“Students always say ‘I wish I would have known about this sooner,’” Gema said.

The struggle is real.

Chances are at some point in your college career, you are going to run into a few roadblocks. Why not take a little time to prepare?

Think about what you’ve got going on in your life. Then check out Student Support Services. You are going to love getting to know Gema and all of the staff – Wa Yia, Bob, Zianya, Michael, Amber, Rachel, Martha, and Faith. Even if you never actually need their services, you will make some super cool connections. 

Learn more about NWTC Student Support Services. 
Gema Garcia - Specialist, Student Support

About the Expert

Gema Garcia - Specialist, Student Support

In her role at NWTC, Gema enjoys working with students to discuss their “Life Happens” situations. Her favorite part of the job is executing a plan that works for the student and helps them stay in college. In her free time, Gema enjoys singing karaoke and dancing.