Invest. Dream. Achieve. - Learn more about a program investing in the educational future of women in Door County

By Katie Smullen, NWTC Student Support Specialist 

“Live simply that all may simply live.” I thought I knew what that meant as a volunteer overseas with no TV, limited internet, cold showers and a wardrobe that consisted of flip flops and a few flowery dresses. To live on an island in the Pacific with hardly any money is much easier to live simply versus here in the U.S., where our choices are endless and the pressure to “fit in” with the latest phone, car and clothes can weigh heavy, if you let it.

Now, working with women in Door County, who want to return to school, I feel revived in my desire to live simply and to spread the word.  When you return to school as an adult, you take a risk. You may take on debt, work less, and have less time for family. These are great reasons to say no to the latest gadget or keep up with fashion trends.  You have a built in excuse to live with less, and develop laser focus on your goal.  

As the Student Support Specialist for the Invest Dream Achieve Program, I will help establish Savings Accounts for each woman in the program, and the Women’s Fund of Door County will double the money each participant saves. I become more excited with each application I read as I see the desire and drive in that each applicant wants more for themselves. Not more stuff. But for a career they love and economic stability for themselves and their family. I look forward to establishing this amazing group of women as we take on the Fall Semester, learn from one another about budgeting, time management, goal setting and yes, living simply.

Please visit Invest. Dream. Achieve. to learn more and to apply or stop by our event this Thursday, May 31, 2018 from 2- 5 p.m. at the NWTC Learning and Innovation Center in Partnership with Nicolet National Bank on Bayshore Drive in Sister Bay.  You can take a career assessment, apply, register for classes, get help with understanding the financial aid process and more!  Refreshments provided.  Hope to see you there!