One Thing to Know: Manufacturing Careers are Strong in Northeast Wisconsin

Considering your future career? Take a look at manufacturing. Why? Joe Draves, associate dean in the NWTC Trades and Engineering Technology Department, puts it this way with his one thing to know: Manufacturing is strong in Northeast Wisconsin.

One Thing to Know: Joe Draves

Joe's got some facts to back that up:
  • Over 2000 manufacturing companies in Northeast Wisconsin provide jobs to 140,000 people. That means one in four people from our region are working for manufacturing companies.
  • The manufacturing industry has the highest wages of all private sectors. Manufacturing workers, on average, make $43,500 per year.
  • The top five highest demand careers in Northeast Wisconsin are in manufacturing: machinists, welders, engineers, maintenance mechanics and general labor. 
And when you stop and think about all the things that are made right here in Northeast Wisconsin, you feel pretty proud to be from our region, right?

Wait... you don't know what's made in our area? Well, it would be a challenge to name everything, but here's a start: yachts, military ships and vehicles, office furniture, helicopters, paper products, the machines that make paper products, snow blowers, plus many parts to make many other things!
Learn more about the manufacturing industry as well as the NWTC programs that lead to great careers in the industry.

Joseph Draves - Dean, Associate

About the Expert

Joseph Draves - Dean, Associate

What I enjoy most about my job is seeing our students grow in their new careers. It is amazing to see their growth - from the first days of orientation, being nervous and apprehensive - to graduation, where they are ready and confident to start their new careers. I also enjoy meeting with our local manufacturers, showing them all the great things we do here at NWTC, and advising them on how we can help their businesses. Outside of work, I really enjoy being outside, hiking, biking, kayaking and hunting, and I am a big hockey fan too.