Marinette, You Look Amazing

By Joan Koehne, of Abrams, 2017 graduate of NWTC

I always wondered what a complete renovation looked like, and now I know.  NWTC in Marinette has gone through a complete overhaul. The campus was renovated and expanded by 20% to create space for a Welcome Center, Health Sciences Wing, and College of Business. Opportunities for students expanded as well. All new square footage added to create a modern learning environment to better prepare people for careers in health care, business, and information technology.

Here are just a few examples of what’s new in Marinette:
•    A Welcome Center with greeters who know how to answer your questions
•    Campus Resources located in one location so it’s easy to find the assessment center, academic advising, and financial aid
•    Study Rooms where students can work on group projects or study with a buddy
•    Outdoor Seating with Wi-Fi for study breaks on sunny days
•    An Event Center for student and community gatherings
•    An Open Concept Library with computer pods where students can work on homework 

I had never been to the Marinette campus before Campus Manager Christine Polzin gave me a tour recently, but Christine tells me the center once had ugly blue lockers and a confining, institutional atmosphere.
“We blew out so many walls to create this open concept,” she said with so much enthusiasm it sounded like she was the one slinging the sledgehammer. 

Each area of the campus we visited seemed more impressive than the last. As a graduate of the NWTC marketing program, I felt the most comfortable in the College of Business.  I loved seeing the classrooms where the computers are built in the desktop to be pulled out when needed and stored when you don’t. It sure beats carrying around your laptop.

In the Health Sciences Wing, I was reminded of Choking Charlie and Resusci Anne from my CPR classes. Mannequins were innocently lying in their beds, oblivious to the poking and prodding they would receive once the fall semester starts. In the simulation room instructors create all sorts of scenarios to test students’ responses. When I heard that the mannequins can vomit, I got myself out of there. I’m not cut out to be a nurse.

I’m not cut out for a career in welding, metal fabrication, or industrial maintenance either, but these and other trade programs have a new look in Marinette. The labs have been expanded and redesigned for efficiency and work flow. What students experience in the classroom mimics what they’ll experience in the workforce.

Room by room, lab by lab, the renovations totally transformed the learning space for students and instructors in Marinette, making the campus open and inviting. The center’s state-of-the-art technology and diverse programs make it a great place to learn new skills and prepare for a new career. 

Marinette, you look amazing!