Five Ways NWTC Fits Your Busy Life

An environmental science class in the middle of winter may not sound romantic, but that’s where I met my husband, back when we were both students at UW-Green Bay. Taking a college class in January made sense for us. In just a few weeks we could fill a college requirement and gain credits toward graduation. Getting to know my husband was an unexpected benefit!

Right now, J-Session is wrapping up at NWTC and spring semester is starting. “Find a class that fits your busy life” are the eight words that sum up NWTC’s flexible scheduling options. With more than 3,000 classes in more than 70 fields, there’s bound to be something that fits your lifestyle.

While earning a marketing degree at NWTC I took advantage of five different scheduling options. These five aren’t the only options available at the college, but these are the ones that worked for me.

I hope the following rundown helps you decide what that’s right for you. Along with the scheduling options, I added an example of a course I completed.

Accelerated (Event Marketing)
Up Side: the course is compressed into about seven weeks. I liked the pace, learning and doing something new each week.
Down Side: Time is short. Sometimes I felt like we were cramming in too much, and I had a lot of extra work outside of class.

Full semester (Accounting for NonAccountants)
Up Side: Class moved along at a leisurely pace. We had plenty of time to work through sample problems with a partner and review them as a class.
Down Side: When my accelerated classes were over, the full semester classes lingered and made the semester seem to drag.

Partial semester (Personal Brand-Development)
Up Side: Partial semester classes flew by, and I could fit more classes into my semester. I’d end one class and start another the following week. I enrolled in both accelerated and traditional partial semester courses. Depending on the number of credits, these classes lasted anywhere from 3-8 weeks.
Down Side: When I was earning only 1-2 credits per class I felt like I was inching my way toward graduation.

Self-paced (Microsoft Excel - Intro)
Up Side: Working through the class material on my own schedule gave me a chance to complete assignments when I wanted. Unlike online classes, self-paced classes typically have a hands-on component requiring you to be on campus at least a few times. Being at the college helped me feel connected to my instructor and the other students.
Down Side: I had due dates to meet, and without a set schedule I was always wondering, “When can I make time for this?”

Online (Customer Service)
Up Side: I liked having the flexibility to complete assignments from home when it was convenient.
Down Side: After working on a computer all day at my job, I needed a break in the evening. That meant I spend a lot of weekends doing homework. Plus, it’s more fun to interact with people in person than through discussion boards.
With all of the different scheduling options it’s easier than ever to juggle work and school.
While I can’t guarantee you’ll meet your future spouse at college, I can guarantee that NWTC offers flexible programming suited to fit your lifestyle and your goals. Classes start year-round.
What are you waiting for? 
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joan Koehne, of Abrams, is a 2017 graduate of NWTC. A former newspaper editor, she co-owns Writer to the Rescue, the content writing division of Packerland Websites
Sarah Scharenbrock - Advisor, Admissions

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Sarah Scharenbrock - Advisor, Admissions