One Thing to Know: Prepare Now for Spring Career Fairs

"The need is real,” said Ileana Rodriguez as we sat down at the Campus Buzz yesterday to talk about the NWTC Career Services department. Ileana, an NWTC career advisor, was referring to the high volume of services her department provides to students, alumni, and community members on a daily basis.

Ileana and the rest of the Career Services team help people figure out who they are (identifying their strengths and interests), where they want to go in their career (exploring their dream employers and locations), and how to get there (searching for jobs, resume/interview help, and personal branding).

Playing a role in a person’s career journey is clearly Ileana’s passion. I was fascinated by her thoughts on self-reflection and pairing a person’s preferences, hobbies, and assessments with the world of work. 

I also discovered that we have a couple of things in common - our serious dislike for winter driving and a strong love for tennis. Turns out we are both Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal fans, and we both loved Sampras back in the day. However, we part ways on the Williams sisters - I'm all about Serena; she prefers Venus. 

Okay, sorry about that - back to Career Services and Ileana's one thing to know. 

Ileana Rodriguez
It was tough for Ileana to pinpoint just one thing to know about Career Services, but finally she said right now it’s important for people to start preparing for spring career fairs at NWTC.
To get you ready for the April 11 and 12 events, Career Services staff can review your resume and cover letter, help you hone your elevator pitch, and assist you in perfecting your personal branding. In other words, Career Services can help you make a great first impression on paper, in person, and online. 

All of Career Services' resources are FREE, and most are available not only to students and alumni, but to NWTC district residents as well.