Dr. Rafn: NWTC welcomes and supports every student

Dr Jeff Rafn

Given the politicization of immigration policy and the divisiveness of recent executive decisions, it is tempting to remain silent on the issues surrounding immigration.  Yet, to do so would be to ignore an essential truth.  Every person is worthy of support, worthy of being heard, and worthy from whom to learn.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is extremely proud of all its students as global citizens.  NWTC creates opportunities to engage and interact with persons from different cultures, ethnicities, religions, income levels, genders, age, and abilities.  These opportunities include community service, experiences with a wide variety of non-profit organizations, study abroad, internationalizing curriculum, and bringing together those who are different from each other.

Photo of Dr. and Mrs. Rafn with new NWTC graduate Imran Khaliq from Pakistan
Pictured: Dr. and Mrs. Rafn celebrate the graduation of the international student they mentored, Imran Khaliq of Pakistan.

Reaching out and welcoming students from other countries, particularly from those very different than our own, is an essential strategy in having all students understand, live, and work in a globally interconnected world.

NWTC welcomes and supports our recently arrived immigrant and international students.  The college will continue to find ways to meet their needs as they meet the need for all students to successfully engage in the world around them. 



H Jeff Rafn - President

About the Expert

H Jeff Rafn - President

Dr. H. Jeffrey Rafn is the President of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. He manages NWTC’s three campuses, five regional learning centers and 2,300 employees. The College serves over 43,000 students and more than 1,100 businesses annually. Under his leadership, enrollment at the 100-year-old college has nearly doubled due to initiatives in student success, economic development, and community partnerships that create new educational pathways and make the most of the region’s resources. During his tenure, the College has been recognized as an Achieve the Dream Leader College for student success initiatives and received numerous regional and national awards. He received a 2016 Giving Back Award from Diverse Issues in Higher Education. He has served on the executive boards of Community Colleges International Development (CCID) and the Workforce Development Commission of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).