One Thing to Know if You're Considering a J-Session Class

Quick quiz: Which of the following statements about J-Session are true? 

  1. In J-Session, you can complete a class quickly and get closer to graduation.
  2. You don’t have to brave the snappy coldness of January to take a J-Session class if you don’t want to – there are plenty of online options.
  3. You do need to make sure you have the time to dedicate to a J-Session class before signing up.
  4. All of the above.
If you said “D,” you got it right.

Yes, J-Session is a great time to take a class and accelerate progress on your academic program. And, yup, you can learn from the comfort of your own home with an online J-Session class.

The one most important thing to keep in mind before you sign up for a J-Session class, however, is to make sure you have the time to focus on class, said Katie Trulley, NWTC academic advisor. After all, with a J-Session class, you’re fitting a 15-week class into just three weeks.

Picture of Katie Trulley, NWTC academic advisor

A wide variety of classes is offered during J-Session, ranging from professional certification classes like Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers to four-credit courses like Accounting or Advanced Anatomy and Physiology. If you’re considering the three- or four-credit classes, Katie typically recommends only taking one.
“I tell students to treat it like a full-time job,” Katie said. “The main thing is time. We want students to consider whether or not they have time for a J-Session class while balancing life’s other responsibilities. We want students to be successful.”

More J-Session tips from Katie:
  • J-session is the perfect time to take College 101, a one-credit required course for every associate degree and technical diploma program. “It’s a course that sets our students up for future success in college,” Katie said.
  • Students from other colleges and universities who are home for winter break could complete a general studies requirement at NWTC during J-Session and transfer the credits to their degree program. Katie said students should first check with the advisor from their college or university to ensure the NWTC credits will transfer.
  • The time to register is now! With J-Session starting January 8, “there is no time to waste,” Katie said. Search for J-Session classes and sign up. 
Need help deciding which J-Session class to take? Wondering if you can fit a J-Session class into your January schedule? Talk to an NWTC academic advisor. Email us at Ask a Question or call 1-800-422-6982, extension 5444. 
Kathryn Trulley - Advisor, Academic

About the Expert

Kathryn Trulley - Advisor, Academic

Katie joined the NWTC Academic Advisement team in fall 2013. She finds joy in helping students identify their academic goals and make a plan toward achieving those goals. Katie also serves on the Diversity Team and the Title IX Team, and strives to help make NWTC a welcoming place for all people. In her spare time, you can find Katie walking her dog, Laurel, practicing yoga, drinking coffee, and enjoying time with her friends and family.