My NWTC Experience, by Courtney Clemo

NWTC is an abbreviation for Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. It is a local technical college within the Northeast Wisconsin area. The college means quite a bit to me because I live in the Northeast Wisconsin area. Honestly if there wasn’t a college in my area, I don’t know if I would be going to college or not. I don’t like to travel for school. Having a college right in my hometown is nice because I don’t have to travel a lot and it is right there just in case if I had any car issues, the school is right on the bus line. The school has many different opportunities for students for help wise if you are struggling in school or outside of school.
Picture of a cafe
The Student Involvement down in the cafeteria is nice to have with the school because they plan out so many different events that actually gets students involved. There are some colleges out there that don’t get the students involved and students don’t like the college then. The cafeteria is nice to have on campus because you don’t need to run and get lunch somewhere and be late for class. If you are on campus all day, you can take five minutes and run downstairs to get food and still make it to class on time. Having free health clinic right on campus for students allows students to get free health rights if they are simple.
NWTC instructors
Many of the instructors that I have had have been there for me when I needed them or need them. I have been a student at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College for at least two years now and most of the instructors are very understanding. If you communicate with your instructors if something outside of school is going on, they are pretty understanding and work well with you. I have had a few instructors that haven’t been there when I needed them, but I try not to take course with them because they do that with every student I guess. Overall the instructors are good with working with anyone but you just have to ask.
Career Closet Logo
NWTC has a career closet that anyone even the general public and go to, to make sure there resume is in perfect order and they can get interview clothes to make sure they are all set up when they go for one. You can go into the Career Closet without a resume and they will help you build one.

NWTC to an accommodations area and a counseling area that students are free to use. If you have a learning disability and need help with homework or tests, accommodations is always willing to work with students that have a hard time with things. I have had to use accommodations because I have anxiety and they allowed me to have extra time on tests because I allows freaked out about a test. The counseling center is very useful because it something happens within school or outside of school, there is always someone you can talk to on campus.

Imagine. create. Grow.
There are many different clubs on campus that allows students to get involved with things they are interested in. A few clubs that NWTC has are Advanced Technology Club, Asian American Student Association, Business Professionals of America, Criminal Justice Association and Skills USA. NWTC has many clubs for students to join and get involved with. I personally haven’t join any clubs because I work full time and have a hard time attending all the meetings. There are many awards that NWTC has given to students for good academics, being involved in clubs and helping out on campus the most. I personally haven’t received any awards. I go to school and stay focused on class and then leave.

You Stand Out
NWTC wants their students to stand out because everyone is their individual and no one is a like. NWTC faculty doesn’t want everyone to think they are the same. I am my own person and so is my best friend. No one is ever the same person. NWTC wants you to recognize who you are as a person and not who someone wants you to be.


Courtney Clemo About Courtney Clemo
I am in the Digital Marketing Program for an Associate Degree at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. I have two sisters and we grew up in a small town north or Green Bay, which is Pulaski. I am doing school full time and working full time as a cashier at Grand Central Station and a Caregiver for Home for Independent Living. The only Social Media platform I use is Facebook.