New CAD Fundamentals certificate allows students to get a drafting job

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NWTC Mechanical Design student draws out force diagrams
NWTC Mechanical Design student draws out force diagrams

Manufacturing careers continue to be one of the highest demand career fields in our region. To help meet workforce demand, NWTC is launching a new certificate in spring that will address the shortage of skilled mechanical drafters working in local industry. The CAD Fundamentals Certificate is a 5-credit certification that gives learners the foundation in drafting they need to start a new career in mechanical design. It seamlessly transfers to the associate degree in Mechanical Design, and allows students to explore a career while taking classes before investing years of time into education.  

Local industries are in need of drafters.   

“Employers are hungry for people with this skillset in our community,” said SEEK Professionals Team Lead and NWTC Mechanical Design Advisory Board member Doug Hammond. “The new certificate is the quickest way to gain an industry skillset to work in drafting.”   

Looking for a change in career? Learn a new skill when it fits your busy schedule to take the next step on your path.   

Coming out of high school and not sure what you want to do? Get a taste for a rewarding career field with minimal investment.  

“This is a great opportunity for workers who may have experience in manufacturing – welders, machinists, equipment assemblers – and are interested in learning more about the how to create the prints they are using in these careers," said NWTC Associate Dean of Engineering Technologies Jill Thiede. "Classes are offered either during the day or evening to meet the needs of learners busy schedules."    

Why CAD Fundamentals?   
  1. In-demand. Drafting is a skill used in nearly any manufacturing, architecture, or engineering industry. Learning the basics of CAD can create the foundation for a long, fruitful career in product design, engineering, or technology.   
  2. Local industry placement. Strong ties to local industry partners and high job demand makes this career something you can do right here in Northeast Wisconsin.    
  3. Career advancement opportunities. For those entering the workforce or seeking a new career, this certificate serves as the perfect opportunity to learn a new employable skill with minimal time investment.   
  4. Great schedule options. Classes are offered throughout the day during the 8-week session to accommodate busy schedules.  

“Right now, flexibility in hiring and job opportunities is the name of the game,” said Hammond. “Giving individuals the opportunity to learn a new, employable skill, quickly, is a great opportunity for students looking to explore a new career in drafting.”  

For more information on the CAD Fundamentals Certificate, check out or get in touch with our admissions team

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