A passion for fitness, wellbeing, and helping others allows Nursing student to excel

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Austin Beth practices nursing skills on a manikin
Austin Beth practices nursing skills on a manikin

Nursing is more than just patient care – it is about connecting to people, helping them in their most vulnerable moments, and finding a path through treatment and recovery. According to Austin Beth, a first-year Nursing student at NWTC, helping people overcome obstacles and achieve personal wellness is what it is all about.  

Learning about the human body is not just a career decision for Beth; it is a passion. Outside the classroom, he is an avid powerlifter and self-proclaimed “gym rat.” Understanding the human body, supplements, and well-being in the Nursing program not only prepares him for his career but also helps him maximize his gains in the gym. His interest in exercise has fueled his desire to understand how the systems in the human body interact and impact overall wellness.  

Despite struggling with school in the past, Austin found his calling in nursing and is determined to give people the tools they need to live healthy lives. He enjoys the pressure of quizzes and checkoffs, which ensure he knows his nursing skills inside and out. With the beginning of the second eight-week session comes the start of clinicals, which will be his opportunity to flex the skills he has worked hard in the classroom to develop.  

“The Nursing program has been a challenge, but I find it rewarding to use my skills and assist patients,” said Beth. “I’m excited to start clinicals, apply my knowledge, and work with healthcare mentors in the community.”  

Austin also works at St. Vincent Hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and finds that his job helps him compare what he is doing in the classroom to what he will be doing once he graduates. Working alongside their experienced nursing staff members has given him more insights into patient care.  

“Working as a CNA helps me compare what I’m doing in the classroom to what happens in a healthcare facility,” said Beth. “It connects the dots between coursework and practical experience and helps me get a better understanding for what to expect after I graduate.”  

He also loves the tight-knit community of Nursing students at NWTC. From study groups to collaborating in the classroom, Beth knows that he is in it together with his classmates.  

“You feel a bond with everyone in the program going through these challenges together,” said Beth. “I never felt that connection until I came to NWTC.”  

He had to wait for a year on the waitlist before starting his coursework, but Beth still recommends the program without hesitation. His advice: “If you want to do it, go for it! You will not regret it.”  

The good news? There is currently no waitlist for the Nursing program at NWTC! You can get started as soon as you are ready.  

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