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Ginelle Hussin receives 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award

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Ginelle Hussin, NWTC's 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.
Ginelle Hussin, NWTC's 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.

Self-described as equally at home in steel-toed boots and a hard hat as she is on a college recruiting trip, Ginelle Hussin’s path from one of the only young women in Northeast Wisconsin Technical College’s (NWTC’s) 1996 Architecture program to a leader in the construction industry is an inspiration. Her career trajectory is a true testament to the power of technical education to create a foundation of real-world, hands-on learning to establish the building-blocks for an impactful career. Hussin’s story exemplifies the values of the College. She has helped grow the skilled manufacturing base in Northeast Wisconsin, creating learning and employment opportunities for countless individuals at all ages. For this work and more, we are proud to name her NWTC’s 2022 Distinguished Alumni award recipient.  

“My Architecture class was such a close-knit family,” said Hussin. “When I started at NWTC, there weren’t females in construction. So many people made it possible, including my instructors and classmates who provided empowerment and inspiration, and nurtured my curiosity to continuously learn more.” As a woman in construction, it is important to her to share experiences and role model the path to success for young women entering a predominantly male workforce. 

Ginelle Hussin (second from left) pictured with female youth apprentices at Boldt.

After graduating from NWTC with an associate degree in Architecture Drafting in 1996, Hussin immediately went to work as a CAD drafter for The Boldt Company in Green Bay, WI, where she worked for the first 26 years of her career. During her time at Boldt, her path from drafter to campus and workforce development director demonstrates just how far a technical education can take you. Now, she is privileged to work as the vision alignment leader for Georgia Pacific, which combines her passions for teaching, listening, and guiding individuals and companies through change, collaboration, and transformation. 

Much of Hussin’s inspiration and success comes from her own experiences and centers around a fierce commitment to young adults that might be dismissed as “not college material” or “not typical of a specific role.” As the director of talent management and later campus and workforce development at Boldt, she oversaw hiring and training of top talent – often recruiting skilled graduates from NWTC to fill roles. For many years, she was a presenter at NWTC’s Women in Trades Day, gave special presentations for the construction, masonry, and auto body classes, and recruited at NWTC’s career fairs. However, that is not the only way she supported education and training in Northeast Wisconsin. As part of her role, Hussin oversaw the internship program at Boldt, which she grew from less than 10 interns a year to over 50, giving young students crucial experience in their chosen field before graduating.  

When asked about Hussin’s work, the public relations representative for Boldt said that “Ginelle helps talented young people find their passion in the industry, not just a job. She matches students with their futures and coaches them to build relationships.” We know that her mentorship has been a crucial component to the success of many young professionals throughout the region. 

In addition to her work creating unique career opportunities for the region’s youth, Ginelle also devotes her free time to giving back to the community. She is a leadership giver and emerging leader for the United Way and sits on the Northeast Wisconsin Construction Alliance board. For over a decade, she has been an instructor for the Junior Achievement USA program, teaching K12 classes and inspiring children by sharing her own life experiences. Most recently, she has started volunteering for JA Biz Town, an extension of Junior Achievement that acts as a capstone learning experience where middle school students spend an entire day exploring a simulated environment that teaches them how to operate banks, manage restaurants, write checks, vote, and make connections between their coursework and the real world.  

“I love connecting with people. Seeing the goal, believing in it, and achieving it together is something I get to do every day. I am thankful for the opportunities I have had and excited to share my experiences with others,” said Ginelle Hussin.

Hussin’s journey from an NWTC Architecture graduate to a leader in a predominantly male industry is a testament to the power of technical education and the confidence it gives learners to reach their true potential. Her dedication to giving back to the community, mentoring the region’s youth, and creating a skilled workforce echoes the core values of NWTC. Hussin’s focus is on creating communities that thrive and create opportunities for all, and her successes in making those dreams reality show how far you can go when you set your goals high. We are proud to see alumni like Hussin soaring higher in our community! 

The NWTC Alumni Awards Ceremony is on Tuesday, November 15 from 5:30-7:00 p.m., held at the Johnsonville Tailgate Village located near Lambeau Field. RSVP by November 1!
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