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The Campus Climate Survey gives you a chance to provide feedback on your college experiences

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Your voice matters!
Your voice matters!

Students, your voice matters! Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) wants to know about your experiences on our campuses and in classes. The Campus Climate Survey takes only 20 minutes to complete and is a voluntary, confidential way for you to give feedback to the College. Not only do your answers help NWTC improve, but they also qualify you for prize drawings of up to $250 and a free semester of books!

The information collected during the survey will help give us information on how to best serve you. As NWTC works to continue to create inclusive spaces and wrap-around support services, this survey gives us crucial information on the makeup of our student body. Your answers to the survey questions will help inform decisions on College policies and practices and help us prioritize important services. Data will also be used to measure NWTC’s strengths with respect to student experiences, areas for improvement, and insight into the campus’ perception of equity and next steps to creating an even more inclusive environment.

Questions are painless and cover various topics from your perceptions of the College to academic life and demographics. You can skip a question at any time if you are uncomfortable answering. The information provided in your survey is completely confidential and CAN NOT be connected back to you, so you can feel completely safe answering with 100% honesty.  

If you have questions about the Campus Climate Survey, contact We appreciate your help in continuing to make NWTC a welcoming and exciting place to learn!

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