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Five tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

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Business professionals connecting in person
Business professionals connecting in person

If you have looked for a job online, searched for ways to get a job, or heard talks about what employers are looking for, you may have heard of LinkedIn. If not, you are probably wondering what it is. LinkedIn is a social network where business professionals connect. If you are looking for an internship, your first job after graduation, or to make a career transition, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with others in your industry. Here are some tips to help you create a profile that will stand out:

  1. Select the right profile picture. It is the first thing people see when they look at your profile, so you want to make a good impression. Just because LinkedIn is for "business professionals," it does not mean you need to wear a suit, blazer, or expensive dress in your photo. Wear what you would wear to work, smile, and snap a head shot where you are the only one in the photo. That is all you need to do.  
  2. Tell your story. LinkedIn has an entire summary section that goes at the top of your profile. This is the place to let people know who you are. Do not make your summary a eulogy to careers long past. The section for that information comes later. Use the summary to let people know your career aspirations and the cool things you are doing to grow your skills. Interject your personality and let people know who you are. Also, try not to focus on the past. It helps to tell your story in a way that highlights your goals. For example, use phrases like “future nurse” instead of “nursing student”. 

  3. Stay Active. LinkedIn is all about making connections, growing your network, and having just the right amount of information available to show up in company job searches. How do you grow your network? Make connections with current and former coworkers, teachers, and other people who know your work and can endorse your skills. It is also okay to add or message people who you have not met in person to ask about potential opportunities.  

  4. Keep your info current. If you switch majors, take a job in a new field, or are interested in pursuing a new career, show that by updating your profile. Like any platform, LinkedIn is only as good as the information you put into it. Keep your information up to date to get relevant job offers. Also, do not delete previous work experiences or awards if you switch to a new industry. Instead, focus on the translatable skills that apply to your new career and highlight them in your description of those duties or honors. 

  5. Reach out to individuals and companies. Making a connection on LinkedIn or messaging someone at a company you want to work at may seem daunting, especially if the person you are reaching out to does not know you. Do not let your nerves stop you from making a connection or sending a message. LinkedIn is a platform built for networking. Companies ask NWTC’s Career Services all the time how they can get in touch. If you take the first step and reach out respectfully, you will impress some recruiters and hiring managers.  

Remember, LinkedIn is a tool to help you build business connections and find careers. It should not be stressful or daunting. If you need help creating or updating your profile or would like someone to review it, schedule a meeting with Careers Services. You can reach them at 920-498-6250 or They are only a call or click away. 

Brad Zima
Brad Zima
Internship Coordinator

Brad Zima is the internship coordinator in NWTC Career Services. He specializes in connecting students with organizations to create valuable career and life experiences.

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