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NWTC is calling for proposals from local artists

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Artwork around the NWTC Campus
Artwork around the NWTC Campus

Artists who live in the NWTC District can now send art proposals year-round. The NWTC Arts Committee will make purchasing decisions each month. Proposals may be withdrawn by artists if pieces have been sold elsewhere before receiving a reply from the Committee.

In general, the College is looking for large-format statement pieces that are in "ready to hang/install" condition. The goal is to select indoor and outdoor art that is welcoming, inclusive, inspirational, and appealing to our student population. The NWTC community is multicultural, therefore, we desire art depicting diverse experiences.

NWTC is particularly interested in art that represents the activities happening in our spaces, the subjects taught in our buildings, or the inclusivity of the diverse culture of our local community. The College offers programs in the fields of Agriculture, Architecture/Construction, Business, Digital Arts, Energy, General Studies, Health Sciences, Human Services/Education, Information Technology, Public Safety, Manufacturing, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and Transportation.

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