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NWTC alumni Dylan and Taylor
NWTC alumni Dylan and Taylor

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we want to share the story of our two alumni Eagle "lovebirds" who actually met at NWTC. As physics lab partners, we all should have known their chemistry was going to be magnetic [cue cheesy laugh]. Now five years and an adorable baby girl later, Dylan and Taylor are continuing their love story by furthering their education and career goals with one another's support.

How did you meet at NWTC?

Taylor: We met in a physics class. I just happened to sit next to him and then he became my lab partner. It was great because we were able to become close friends first.

Dylan: Right, then later I thought I was pretty smooth by pretending I couldn’t use email in order to get her phone number.

Taylor: [Laughs and holds up their giggling baby] And it worked!

Other than each other, what did you like most during your time at NWTC?

Dylan: I had so many great instructors. They went above and beyond as a resource to help you – it really felt like they were in your corner.

Taylor: There was so much, but I would say the instructors as well. Everyone was there to go that extra mile, preparing you beyond the classroom from career tips, networking, and a lot more!

Where has NWTC led each of you?

Taylor: At NWTC, I received an associate degree in Business Management. Today I am a Benefits Planner at a local financial services corporation while also currently pursing my MBA. I can't emphasize enough that we wouldn't be where we are today without our experience at NWTC.

Dylan: Agreed! I graduated with an associate degree in Horticulture Science which led me to start my own landscaping business. From there, I've continued to expand my skillset as a Realtor which has opened a lot of doors for me!

Where did you two get married?

Dylan: Botanical Gardens. One of my Horticulture courses was actually at the Botanical Gardens – it was a really cool experience. So not only was it a beautiful venue, we wanted to pick a place with meaning to us since we met through NWTC.

Do you have any at-home date night tips?

Taylor: Movies and games have been our go-to ... a lot of board games! Though pre-COVID, we loved going to some of our favorite local restaurants like Mackinaws Grill and Stadium View.

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