8 Week terms make college a breeze for this mom

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NWTC student Kazoua Yang
NWTC student Kazoua Yang

Kazoua Yang is the mother of a five-year-old son with special needs and a baby on the way. As NWTC continues implementing eight-week terms in place of 15-week semesters, she is finding the new schedule to be a surprising benefit.

"I thought eight week classes would make it more difficult, but honestly, it's been a breeze!" she said. "I took two this summer and I felt like I could have taken another one. It's very doable."

About half of NWTC programs are already offered in the eight-week format, allowing students to concentrate on fewer classes at once and still earn a degree in the same amount of time. Nearly all programs will have been converted by fall 2021.

"It's just the best feeling, that now I can get through faster — now I can pursue my passion!"

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