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Romero combines creative, tech skills in Web Development

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Web Development student Yaira Romero
Web Development student Yaira Romero

Some people choose their careers based on whether they're creative or technical. Yaira Romero is choosing both, with an associate degree program in Web Development.

"I like the integration of graphic design and programming that goes into web development," she said. "I also like all of the problem solving and analytics that one has to do before starting a project and working on it."
Yaira was born in New York state, but when she was three years old, she and her family moved to Green Bay and lived with relatives. "It was a three-bedroom house and each family lived in a bedroom," she recalls. She grew up on Green Bay's east side and graduated from Green Bay East High School in 2013. Since then, she been working full time and attending NWTC full or part-time. When she enrolled for fall 2020, she was ready to push through to the finish line.
"This year I'm hoping to go to school full time and work part time until I can get my degree. I've worked full time and gone to school full time, but that's not easy. I've [taken classes] part time in the past, but it takes longer to finish a degree that way. I hope to have my degree by Spring of 2021."
She has already registered for fall classes and is determined to achieve her degree, regardless of physical distancing.
"I received financial help that has allowed me to finish my degree full time. I know that classes may be different due to COVID-19 but I am comfortable with online classes."
Even though graduation is a year away, Yaira has the next several steps in her career planned.
"I chose NWTC for school because it was an affordable start to my bachelor's degree. I am planning on attending UWGB after I complete my associate degree in Web Development. My goals are to complete my associate's and bachelor's degrees. After school I hope to land a job in my field. I'd like to be able to work as a programmer or analyst."

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