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Textbook Charge Program

Buy books with your financial aid or payment plan – through the Textbook Charge Program

Want to buy books with your Financial Aid or Payment Plan? Use the Textbook Charge Program

Visit NWTC Bookstore for more information on ordering your textbooks:

Why use the Textbook Charge Program?

With the program, you can purchase required books and supplies from the NWTC Bookstore by charging the items directly to your student account at NWTC. That enables you to pay for books and supplies – along with your tuition and fees – with your financial aid and/or with NWTC’s no interest payment plan.

Program Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Textbook Charge program, you must be enrolled in classes in the term for which the book charge is requested. In addition, you must be:

  • Awarded financial aid and complete all the requirements  – the amount available to you to charge books will be based on the approved financial awards you are receiving after tuition and fees are fully covered in the requested term.
  •         For those eligible for loans, you must accept and complete all loan requirements (MPN and Loan Entrance).
  • AND/OR
  • Enrolled in an active NWTC Payment Plan

How do you know you've been awarded financial aid? 

The Financial Aid office will email you with an award notification.  All students can view their aid on their my.NWTC once the award notification has been emailed to you. 
For more information, please visit 
Financial Aid Process

How do you enroll into the NWTC Payment Plan? 

Enrolling into the NWTC Payment Plan online is simple and secure.  You must enroll into a payment plan each term.  Once you successfully enroll into a payment plan, a confirmation email will be sent to you.
For more information, please visit:  How to enroll into NWTC Payment Plan

Textbook Charge Process

Step 1:  Log into your student portal to make sure all your funding is in place; in other words, ensure that you have been awarded financial aid and/or are enrolled in an active NWTC Payment Plan.   
Step 2:  View and print your booklist through the student portal.
Step 3:  Visit the NWTC Bookstore to purchase and charge your required books and supplies on your NWTC student account. 
Step 4:  After the books are purchased, the charges will post to your student account through an overnight process.  Review your account balance to make sure your funding is in place.  

*Keep a copy of your receipt in case you need to return items.  Charged books will be returned according to the NWTC Bookstore's return policy.  
* Note:  If you are no longer eligible for financial aid or if your aid changes, it is your responsibility to pay any bookstore charges. 
If you are on a payment plan, your payment plan will rebalance to include the additional book charges.  Please log into My.Financials to view your monthly installments 

Where can students charge books?

What are allowable bookstore charges?

  • Required books and supplies listed on your NWTC Booklist. 
  • General apparel is not an educationally related expense and can’t be charged to a student’s account.

Your Responsibilities

It remains your responsibility to ensure your account with the college is paid in full by the standard college billing policies and dates. If you become ineligible for financial aid or your aid is not enough to cover tuition/fees and your books, you will be held responsible for full payment of your books. 

Any unpaid balances are subject to late fees and other collection procedures. Failure to pay all charges on your account will prevent you from registering for future courses and a hold will be placed on your account.  Your debt will also be referred to a third party collection agency for further recovery and collections.

Other Important Information

Book charging is not additional financial aid. Book charging allows you to use the financial aid that you have already qualified for before the semester starts. If your financial aid eligibility changes after you have purchased your books, you will be responsible for your full payment due of books purchased through book charging.

The amount available to you for book charging will be based on the approved financial aid awards you are receiving after tuition and fees are fully covered in the requested term.