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NWTC Payment Plan

The NWTC Payment Plan lets you divide the cost of your educational expenses for each term into smaller monthly payments with no interest - just a low enrollment fee.

No Interest!  

You can add your book costs to the Payment Plan!

How it Works 

  • Your NWTC account must be in good standing with the college.
  • You must enroll online into the payment plan each semester. 
  • $30.00 non-refundable enrollment fee per semester will automatically be added to the payment plan total amount, and will be divided between the monthly installments.
  • You must have a minimum tuition balance of $100.00 for the semester. 
  • Payments are automatically scheduled each month with a payment method of a credit card or bank account. 
  • There will be a $25 fee for any returned payment, such as NSF (non-sufficient funds) or failed credit card authorization.
  • All communications on your payment plan will be through your NWTC email account. 

**It is important to know your current total account balance to help you understand your monthly installment payments. To find your current account balance, please log into My.Financials.**

Please note: Non-tuition fees (library fines, locker fees, etc.) will not be covered by the payment plan.

How to sign up

Enrolling online is simple and secure. 

  • Log into my.NWTC 
  • Click on “Student Finance”
  • Click on My.Financials and log in
  • Click on the Payment Plan tab

A confirmation email will automatically be sent to your NWTC email account. All future communications on your payment plan will be made through your NWTC email account. 

Whats Next? 

Once you have signed up for the NWTC Payment Plan, payments will be scheduled from your credit card or bank account on the installment due date. 

What to do after you have signed up for the Payment Plan?  

  • Please monitor your NWTC email account for all communications on your payment plan. 
  • Payments will be scheduled from your credit card or bank account on the installment due dates. 
  • Changes to your enrollment, account balances, or any other funding may adjust your monthly payments. 
  • For any returned payments, there will be a $25.00 charge on your NWTC student account.

Contact the Student Finance Office at or (920) 498-5444